insecurities and jealousy

insecurities and jealousy do not only ruin your relationship with others, it also ruin you as a person. You know, it's never too late to change.


an open letter to the person I miss and love the most

my dad passed away when I was 17. It was something I certainly did not expect. I thought that everything’s going to be back to normal soon when he was taken out of the ICU. He was even telling us that we’ll have lunch/dinner to his favourite restaurant once he gets discharged; same reason why I got so hopeful because it seems to me that he’s really getting well. I have never been so wrong. One morning came, my mom called. I was the one who got to answer the phone. Next thing I know, I’m struggling on how I should tell my siblings about it.

it’s about time

a short post reminding you to stop apologizing for what you feel. You matter, your feelings matter. And there's nothing wrong with that. Someone out there understands you. If you're feeling lonely, really wanting to rant and need some advice, feel comfortable to hit me up!

life after college

story time! I've been really wanting to write and share this to you. This is what has been happening to me. Hopefully, you'll get to learn something from this. Ready for a very long post? Tell me your thoughts too!