it’s about time

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📷 from tumblr: easyluckyfree

I think it’s about time that you realize that you have to stop yourself from saying sorry just because you feel things. Remember, you matter. Your feelings matter. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

You wouldn’t feel something like that if it didn’t matter to you and I know that apologizing about it hurts more than anything. Everyone is special and everyone has their own right to feel things. You cannot control it and that’s okay. It only proves that you are human too and that you have a heart of gold. Never make yourself feel like you are alone. Someone out there understands you. Talk to your mom or dad, sister or your best friend OR maybe you could approach me.

This is why I think the world needs more genuine people. It would be really nice if all of us would just stop judging and criticizing. We must be more interested with the reason behind why this individual acts in a certain way rather than judging them right away without even thinking. We all know that our feelings and emotions have a big influence with the way we act and so we have to respect it. Be kind, be genuine. We don’t know what everyone is going through.

After all, the way you act towards people speaks more about you.


12 thoughts on “it’s about time

  1. I felt the chills reading your post (in a good way). Your words are comforting and it is relatable. Thank you for letting us know that we have someone we can lean on during hard times ❤️ I want you to know that I am always here as well if you need someone to talk to

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