one thing that’s constant: change


📷 from tumblr: raak

If there’s one important thing a person must know about life, it would probably be about change. Nothing in this world is permanent. Everything is temporary. People change, things change. And if you’re gonna ask me to give you something that’s never gonna change, it would definitely be memories.

As a 21 year-old gal, I’ve experienced tons of ups and downs. I have realized things which I thought I would never learn.

I’ve had close friends who I assumed would remain by my side for a lifetime, but time and circumstances have change everything. Some people are just so toxic that you have to let them go for your own good. You don’t need any negativity in your life. Be brave to walk away. Yes, it’s truly heart breaking but it’s something that I have to accept.

People change. Feelings change. It doesn’t mean that the love shared wasn’t true or real. It simply means that sometimes when people grow, they grow apart.

I suddenly found myself having trust issues. It was so difficult for me to open up to some of my friends. It felt like everyone’s going to leave me after all, so what’s the point of telling them how I feel when they’re just gonna run away with it? I blamed myself for being so easily attached and clingy. I invested so much, it hurts.

I came to the point where I was so afraid of what may happen next for things are starting to change. But even though these people have change, I know that there’s still something that wouldn’t. Our memories together. I honestly don’t have any regrets. I still love them and had so much fun with them. All the memories that we have shared before will definitely be tattooed on my mind.

Days, weeks and months went by when I’ve realized that just because a person did you so wrong doesn’t automatically mean that everyone’s gonna do the same thing to you. People come and go. Things happen for a reason. I believe that we have to give everyone the chance to prove themselves that they’re far from what we are expecting them to be.

Perhaps we just have to embrace change and anticipate it coming at any time. Nevertheless, enjoy and live the moment. Never worry about what’s gonna happen in the future. Cherish whatever it is that’s happening to you right now. That’s what matters. Appreciate those people around you. Appreciate what you have. Be genuine. As so when change comes, you’d regret nothing.

Personally, because of this, I’ve learned how to give more importance to people. I value friendships even more now.

And I think, what’s great and beautiful about life is that, even though things are changing we still have something to hold onto.. memories.


17 thoughts on “one thing that’s constant: change

  1. I was really able to connect to this post. There is a quote I really love, “Time makes us forget people, but there are some people who make us forget time.” However I really appreciate the way you have explored the other side of this undoubtedly true saying. You have in a way advised us to be the change rather than be victims of change!

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  2. Hugs to you–its very true. I find friendships are very valuable because my bestie is over 1,000 miles away from me right now, but we’re like the sisters we would’ve picked out. We’re part of each other’s families. Others have come and gone and been more like acquaintances than anything else because yes, people do change. We don’t stay interested in the same things or life’s whims override everything else, and its hard to keep connected. But it also means that you just have to take a hold of those good friendships when they come along.

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