insecurities and jealousy

I do believe that insecurities and jealousy are pretty normal, it’s understandable. However, too much of it could seriously affect or ruin you and your relationship with other people. Most especially friendships.

Few of us here may have that one friend or at least knows someone who has so much insecurities and has always been so jealous of other people and would do anything just to bring you down. One who is really envious when she thinks that you’re growing, improving. One who would try to find your flaws as so she could make herself better in front of other people. One who doesn’t seem to show how supportive or proud she is of you because she’s wishing that she’s you and probably thinking that she could do better than you. One who would make you feel bad about your achievements as so she could comfort herself that she’s still better. One who would ignore you for hours because she’s really annoyed of how you’re doing pretty well and would probably make you feel that you don’t belong to the group. One who always seems like hating everything that you do when you know you’re doing things right. One who spends most of her time talking shit about other people rather than appreciating their beauty. One who does nothing but complain about everything.

So how do we get over this kind of people? Personally, they are really toxic. Better walk away from them now because they will just be a one big hindrance for your happiness and would do anything to steal it from you. Sometimes, even how strong of a person you are, they would still manage to make you feel miserable. They would make you feel like shit. Cutting them out of your life would be way easier than live with them being really unhappy. Surround yourself with positive people; those who appreciate you and would support you all the way.

And if you think that you’re one of these toxic people, I do hope that you now realize that you are being loved too. Your family and friends are proud of who, what and where you are right now. You could now stop hating on people. Stop making them feel bad about themselves just so you can make yourself feel good. Your attitude towards them speaks more about you. Just because you think that they are ahead of you doesn’t mean that you’re not as good as them. People get to where they are right now because of their sacrifices and their determination to succeed. They did not become successful overnight. There were struggles and failure behind that too. Instead of being jealous and insecure, use your time wisely and try to be productive. Start chasing your dream. It’s never too late to change for the better. Don’t wait for people to walk away from you before you realize that you’re being too toxic from them. Focus more on yourself rather than comparing your life to others. It would never do anything good for you. Help yourself to improve and develop. Be happy for them, learn from them because that’s how you would surely want them to react when you have finally achieved your aspirations. Love yourself as so people would love you even more. Likewise, appreciate the beauty you see around you.


25 thoughts on “insecurities and jealousy

  1. A very informative and a helpful post.
    According to a study most of the couples gets divorced because of these two evils : Jealousy and Insecurity.
    As you said a little bit is positive but too much leads to bitter results.

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  2. Don’t let toxic people bring you down. I wonder about having a conversation them and telling them about what they do? Would it help? Maybe, but maybe they aren’t conscious of their behavior and could change if they saw it. Either way you don’t have to live with a negative person in your life. Great post 🙂

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  3. When I read the first para, I felt as though you were really hurt by such a person because of the amount of examples you kept giving, nearly all the possible ways a person can hurt another….then the twist in the next paragraph!…WOW!!!….I was amazed at how well you just turned the negativity. It’s like calling Satan to your house, accusing him, and then telling him that he could be happier under God. He realises his faults and starts following God!

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      1. Bruce,Exciting. Great news indeed!!! Dayspring Bible College and Seminary is very likely the only remaining clear Free Grace Bible college around.We need to continue to pray for all those who are now and will be involved with DBC.In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack


  4. Well said! I made too many compromises but there is no true friend who is jealous of your success!
    May i suggest paragraph division.It helps the reader .
    I had the same issue till someone suggested dividing my text to paragraphs and spaces in between.

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  5. Sounds like the “Crazymakers” I read about in “The Artist’s Way,” though definitely a more direct and hurtful description. Something always has to be wrong and it’s NEVER them. Drives me nuts. I’ve had to learn hard lessons to avoid people like that or turn it around on them so maybe they see what they’re doing.

    You have a lot of wisdom in you. I’m tired of the hate and the negativity (though I do wallow on occasion myself or catch myself venting, but stop when I realize what I’ve done), It certainly requires being honest and taking a good look at yourself and what you’re doing. Ignorance is not bliss.

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  6. This is a great post. I’ve experienced those things from female and male friends and coworkers. As it is you already hide your insecurities and jealousy because you want to understand why you are feeling these things but here they are flagging stuff in your face. Now as I’ve become older I distance those people from my life and appreciate them afar. I like me and you should always like YOU. Show up for YOU. Those who are whah whah….is just noise.


    1. The Absent Game…In between me and my husband we’ve owned additional MP3 gamers through the years than I can count, like Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few ages I’ve settled down to one line of gamers….


  7. Good post! Really well said and explained. I’m currently writing about 4 steps to get rid of insecurity, thus including jealousy. The closer you get to finding yourself the less those things will bother you 🙂

    Keep it up!


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