key to happiness


📷 from tumblr: weheartit

Isn’t it weird that when we’re already able to get what we want, we still keep on wanting more? Are we ever gonna be content and happy with what we have? Or are we going to constantly strive for something more?

Sometimes we tend to forget to be thankful of the blessings that we receive. Sometimes when we already have what we want, we still ungratefully manage to complain.

Sometimes we come to the point where we can’t help but compare ourselves to somebody else. We just simply wish to be someone else.

Well, what we fail to realize is that some people would die to have what we have right now. Some people would do anything as so they could achieve what we have achieve as well. Some people would love to be us.

It’s just sad though, we often take things for granted. It’s so hard for some to realize all these things.

Maybe there’s really nothing wrong with wanting and wishing something more. At some point, perhaps, we just want to excel in life. Somehow, we just want to have that self-fulfilment as we call it.

It’s totally okay but we also have to pause for a while and be more appreciative and grateful of what we have. Stop comparing. Stop complaining. REMEMBER: the worst person to be around is someone who complains about everything and appreciates nothing. Be inspired instead.

Disappointments, problems and challenges are all part of the learning process. It helps us grow. But despite of it all, positivity must weigh more.

Let’s not wait for all these to be gone and lose things before we realize how blessed we were and how we should have valued and appreciated it more. We will never be happy and we wouldn’t want to live a life full of regrets because of our own perception.



24 thoughts on “key to happiness

  1. Well said…. Negative people should not be our companions! Our lives are driven by our thoughts, negative people create a niche which can have a really bad effect. But we must also learn to bring our own Sunshine no matter what the weather!

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    • it is! I’ll leave you with this quote from theartidote: staying positive doesn’t necessarily mean being happy all the time. It just means that even when you’re feeling low, you know that it will end, and that there are better days on the other side 💓

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  2. wanting more…..sure do propel us forward…….but being ungrateful……paves way for the spectacular fall.
    and keeping your chin up takes real work and courage, otherwise its just gravity, taking control.
    thoughtful post! 🙂

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  3. some people no matter what keep judging us, point out the most ridiculous flaws and make us feel really low. Finally we end up comparing ourself with someone else, tend to lose ourselves in the instead of dwelling in the lost sea of comparisons , let’s be grateful for what we have..I agree with every word of urs ..great post it is! Thanks for the follow 🙂


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