quick ramble


📷 from tumblr: studyearly

It’s just so upsetting that we have become so obsessed of our future. We plan so much, worry about what’s gonna happen next, overthink and such that we unintentionally forget that what’s happening to us at the moment matters too.

We are so in love with the idea of having a brighter and successful future. We focus too much on ourselves that those people who care about us are already being forgotten and surely, they are getting affected with our actions as well.

We get frustrated when things don’t go as planned. We become distant, we push people away because we don’t want them to see us failing.

Don’t get me wrong. I mean who doesn’t want a great future, right?

It’s just that because of dwelling too much about it, we fail to appreciate and give attention to those people around us and tend to ignore the good things that we have at the moment.



16 thoughts on “quick ramble

  1. Well, my comment was distracted by the partially nude young lady, as I tried to figure the picture out. LOL
    But, back to the subject, some people never figure that out. They keep hustling and bustling to catch up or get ahead of the “Joneses” , that life gets away from them and they never get around to smelling the roses. Then one thing happens and then another and all their opportunities are lost. I remember when my children were small, how I somehow sensed that and would memorize my moments with them.

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  2. I admit that I am a victim of being obsessed with how my future will turn out especially now that we’ve graduated! I had some realizations after reading this ~ well said, as always! ❤️

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  3. Worrying about your own future is scary because you send your brain the message that everyone gets a separate future, the success of which depends on how well each individual has negotiated an equally separate present. I sense that people instinctively recoil from this self-identified sphere,and that it is within other-centered relationships that we find freedom and identity. We’re not supposed to create little futures by ourselves
    We’re just supposed to create one future, based on one another.
    Peace out.

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