we don’t always mean what we say

we dont

📷 from tumblr: wreck

When people say they’re giving up, do they really mean it?

Perhaps we just get a little worked up. Consumed by our thoughts and feelings that we get to the point of saying this. We really don’t want to. It’s just that, we want to feel reassured that someone out there still cares and that we’re not doing this alone.

We just need someone to tell us that things will get better soon. Someone to give a little light in our situation.

Perhaps we’re just tired of trying and we need someone to constantly encourage us not to stop chasing for what we want. Someone to tell us not to settle for less.

We’re silently shouting for help. We want someone to tell us that they’re not leaving.  We just want a pat on the back, or perhaps a really long tight hug.

Perhaps we just need someone to tell us that we’re being too hard on ourselves and have a little break instead.

I want you to know that only because I told you I’m giving up, it doesn’t automatically mean that I would. I may tell you how frustrated and sad I am, but no, it doesn’t mean that I’m depress. I’m honestly always trying so hard to be optimistic about things and I sometimes have to tell you all the negative thoughts I have as to have it be refilled with  the positive ones.

I hope that when someone told you that they’re close to giving up, never think twice, just stay. Never think that they’re being so dramatic, weak or whatnot because that’s the time you’ll know they really need you.


23 thoughts on “we don’t always mean what we say

  1. I won’t give up on you because I’m sure that you have a bright future. ❤ Hang in there! Trust me, I know how you feel. I've been there and from time to time, I still go through that phase.

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  2. Never expected this! Something different from what people say about feeling let down and hopeless. I love the ideology behind speaking of your grieves and letting positive thought replace them. You’ve once again depicted your prime motive of erasing negativity.

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  3. What a wonderful post. I personally, would never dismiss someone if they told me they were giving up or felt like giving up. I would talk to them and hopefully give them the encouragement they need to continue on to the next day. Yet, it is also true that at times we do say things we don’t really mean. Sort of a catch 22 isn’t it? Thanks, also for reading my blog. It is appreciated! I am enjoying yours.

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