worst yet the best


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2016 is probably the worst yet the best year of my life. There were things I thought I knew, things I thought I can’t do and although I hate roller coasters, my life seems to be riding one since the beginning of this year. I have laughed and cried so hard. I have felt worthless and of no value to feeling like I deserve much more than I treat myself. I am beyond grateful and proud of who I am right now. And I hope you are too for you have been through ups and downs and you’re better than ever now.

I might have mentioned most or at least some of these things on my previous posts but I’d just like to put it all together here on my last blog posts for the year 2016 and somewhat be a summary of how I have grown as a person I am right now.

Pressure has been the worst thing for me to deal with or shall I say, worst for someone who have just graduated?

Stay away from things that you know would just upset you.

I have stopped this habit of always checking out other people’s lives through social media such as snapchat and twitter which have only constantly led me to comparing mine to theirs and being sad for feeling left out.

I have realized that I am never obliged to live up to people’s expectations and so do you. Do your own thing. We’re not meant to live our lives pleasing everyone. I started focusing on myself. Do what I love and passionate about. I felt like I should focus more on what I have. Feed myself with positive thoughts. Just believe that things will be alright soon. Have more faith in God and stop worrying about things I can’t control.

And so I decided to distance myself from negative people as well and those who are not helping me grow anymore.

Patience is the most important virtue that we all have to learn. Rushing things sometimes make things worse. We have to keep in mind that great things take time.

Don’t be too hard on yourself when you fail and make mistakes. View it as a lesson. Let this be our motivation to be better next time.

Oh, and it’s totally okay to cry. It’s okay to feel that familiar pain again. Let yourself feel that then get over it. Don’t forget to breathe.

There will always be people who would try to bring you down when they think that you’re going way above them. Some people would make it seem like they’re concern but truth is, they actually enjoy watching you fail. Although some, on the other hand, would just not care whatever you do with your life, so might as well do you and trust only a few.

When you have finally decided to just do you, you’d slowly learn how to step out of your comfort zone and you would be surprise how this thing could make you so happy and fulfilled.

Lowest point of our lives are not meant to destroy us. We would feel like everything is so tiring already and no matter what we do, nothing happens; it’s a sign that it’s now time for us to grow and be stronger than ever. If we let this get the best of us, we lose. We ourselves are our biggest enemy most of the time.

Feeling worthless is probably the worst. And to have people around you is a blessing and a living reminder that you are worthy and you value.

We always have to be careful of what we say. Being frustrated and mad over something are never a reason for us to throw harsh and hurtful words towards people. We don’t know how these words would affect them mentally and emotionally.

Words hurt way more than those bruises, wounds, physical pain etcc. All those will eventually heal. But a word that affected us so much tends to be stuck in our head for a long time. And every time we would remember it, it’s just so painful.

Let’s not assume and judge people so easily. Let’s stop acting like we know a certain person better than him/herself. It’s awful because wrong assumptions and judgments make you look like you don’t deserve to know more about that individual anymore.

Let’s not only think of our own happiness. Think of others too. Don’t stop them from trying to enjoy their lives. Give them freedom. Let them do what they want. Don’t make them feel bad about something they genuinely love.

Giving random compliments doesn’t hurt. When you see something beautiful, stunning, and awesome or whatnot, say it. You don’t have any idea how that could make someone’s day. Once in a while, that’s what all we really needed. To feel and be reminded that we are appreciated as well.

Being genuine and sincere in everything you do certainly make you a happy and fulfilled person at the end of the day.

Some people find it hard to be open and we have to understand that. Let’s rather help them be comfortable and just be themselves and not suppress what they feel. As their friend, they may not show how grateful they are, let’s not get tired of them. Let’s make them feel more loved.

Our hard work would never fail us. Keep killin it! You may feel like it doesn’t work at times, but maybe you need a little more push. You’ve always got this!

Finally, life isn’t always about money. I don’t think that it’s the thing that makes you rich. The experiences that we have and will have to encounter are what truly makes us one.

The experiences that we all had have actually moulded us to become the person we are today.

I am honestly grateful that I found out about WordPress and got inspired to write my thoughts and feelings. It has helped me feel better and made me feel happier. I am also thankful of you guys (my followers and readers)! Seems to me that almost all of you here are truly genuine! And most importantly, I wholeheartedly appreciate those people who give time to drop their comments on my blog posts. I love it when you try to connect with me. It makes me feel like I have wrote something that caught your attention. Means a lot to me, always!

Happy holidays


25 thoughts on “worst yet the best

  1. The WordPress community will also be proud to have a real talent like you. This whole post was overflowing with really appreciative and inspirational literature but my favourite one was, “…wrong assumptions and judgments make you look like you don’t deserve to know more about that individual anymore.” This is sincerely the best I could have read this year. A perfect reason for the most imperfect deed we humans are so addictive to! And lastly….May your next and the years to come be golden feathers in your crown of honesty and simplicity.

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    • JOSEPH ☺ you’re deff one I won’t forget! You have brought positivity on my blog as well through your comments. And I’m just soooo glad that a person who’s truly genuine like you exists. You’re a blessing! Oh, and I do love your writings too. You deserve nothing but the best this 2017 and the next coming yearssss 💙

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      • Well, the positivity in me is because of you. So pat yourself for that and if possible stand infront of the mirror and salute yourself(on my behalf)…..My aim always has been to touch atleast one person and I’m glad you were. The sky is the limit so let’s not be satisfied. Proud of the fact that my comments could glitter in your already fabulous blog.

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  2. Wow–wish I’d thought of all this myself before my Tuesday nuclear-blast (https://thechattyintrovert.com/2016/12/13/my-temper-depression-im-the-biggest-heel-on-the-whole-freaking-planet/). All the points you brought up, my best friend said to me in a super-long phone call after that awful moment.

    You’re very right–the year’s been sucky for a lot of people, and it may take some time to think of the good stuff, or at least remember not to let the bad stuff take you down with it. I was shocked to read that you described my own year in pretty substantial detail…

    Wait–you’re not one of my clones that got away, are you? (I lost contact with the one training sharks to carry siphoning equipment through the pacific garbage patch. No? Hmph–she must’ve gotten eaten trying to fit them with protective breathing gear. Back to square one…)

    Anyhoo, hoping 2017 is awesome for all of us and that we remember the good even in the midst of the not-so-good, because the rough times don’t last forever…they just feel like it when we’re in the dumps. Can’t wait til the holidays are over–that would sure help!


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  3. I’m happy for you ❤ You've learned a lot of lessons and it's refreshing that you get to reflect on these things. Please continue writing inspiring and eye-opening posts!

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  4. Take it from someone fast approaching 70, you are learning life’s most important lessons on a truly accelerated schedule. Tough times make for tough people, but they also help you appreciate the better times and the better people. Never give up on yourself and never give up on your true friends. If you can do that, you can accomplish anything.

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  5. Isn’t it funny how so many people experienced a similar year full of ups and downs? I wish I could be the exception to the rule but, as you put it, 2016 has been somewhat of an emotional roller coaster for me as well. What really matters in the end are the lessons we learn from those experiences and I loved reading the ways you plan to work towards a more balanced life in 2017. Best of luck! I’m so fortunate to have stumbled across your blog and I’m looking forward to reading more in the new year. Thanks so much for having stopped by mine!

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