life is about making memories

As what we all know, experience is the best teacher of all which for me personally makes it fair enough to say that life is about making memories.

We only live for once, might as well do what makes you happy. Work hard to achieve the happiness you aspire, for I believe that this is actually our ultimate goal in life.

Would you be saving money for forever? It’s not always about that. The world will never run out of it but you have a life which you don’t even have any idea when it will going to end. If you have some spare of it, why not spend it to something that will give you the chance to experience the world, different cuisine, several drinks and an opportunity to meet various types of people. Make fun-happy-unforgettable memories. Go and try something new.

Take photos but live in the moment as well. I find it impossibly difficult to delete photos because this is something I would love to look back to when I get older. I want to remember the moments that I might forget. I want to tell the stories behind all those photographs, perhaps, to my future husband, children, friends and relatives. I want to tell them how fun it was and how important that moment is for me. I’m absolutely positive that (some of) you do too.

Let us not live a boring life.

Let us not allow ourselves to do something that doesn’t make us happy in any least. Instead do something that is worth remembering. Something that would help us grow through certain experiences.

Find your purpose, one that would make you feel fulfilled.

Never have second thoughts about things that you know for yourself would make you truly and deeply happy.

Every so often, it’s not so bad to put your happiness first.

And our happiness, most of the time, comes from the memories we have made and shared.


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