starting the year right

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2017 is treating me good so far! I hope everything is going well with you guys too. It feels like I haven’t written something for forever, which is why I decided to get back at it again. Didn’t realize how much I’ve missed doing this until now!

I would just like to share how truly grateful and happy I am at the moment. I feel soooo blessed.

Looking back to my 2016 self, I really was such an emotional wreck. I could still remember all those days where I would randomly be lost in my thoughts. All I did was worry and suddenly became so unsure of what’s going to happen to me in the future. So disappointed on how things are turning out. Cried myself to sleep because everything is not going as how I planned it.

And so I would have to agree to what Kylie Jenner said, 2016 was the year of realizing stuff.

My post worst yet the best would tell you some, if not all, the things I’ve learned and realized last year.

And now that things are going well for me, it just proves that timing is indeed everything. We learn through pain, hurtful situations and sort of, in the worst way possible— which in return makes us better and stronger individuals.

Good things start to happen when you have decided to stay away from negative things, people, and from your negative thoughts.

We really just have to trust in God’s plan. He hears our prayers. He knows what he’s doing, and he absolutely knows what’s best for us.

Prayer is so powerful. It does makes a difference.

Due to all the things I have experienced, my faith has become stronger.

I thank Him, reconcile, and tell Him what I feel and what I dream. And it just feels so good being able to genuinely talk to him; heart-to-heart. It’s so relieving, feels priceless.

And that’s when I also started to feel like more blessings are coming my way. He’s slowly answering my prayers and I’m just so BEYOND grateful that I decided to live this way now.

I may not have achieved my dream yet, I still wouldn’t stop praying for it. I would make sure that I will get to where I want to be through faith and perseverance.

I want us to always be reminded that bad times should mould us to become the better version of ourselves not the other way around. Likewise, we shouldn’t let our emotions get the best of us. Know that things like this happen to make us appreciate great things even more and be content.


10 thoughts on “starting the year right

  1. Excellent advice: “Good things start to happen when you have decided to stay away from negative things, people, and from your negative thoughts.” It’s not always easy to walk away from people or situations, but I have come to learn it’s the best way. There’s a good, old-fashioned saying, “Least said, soonest mended” that is a great help in times of trouble. And it takes extra effort to get away from our own negative thoughts – my resolution for 2017!

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  2. Such an encouraging post 🙂 God really is amazing and all that he does is always for our better. We often forget the power of prayer… But when things aren’t going good He’s the only one we look up to. But we should not only remember Him in bad times but also in good times. Again, great post and a lovely message.
    All the love x

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