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πŸ“· from tumblr: ultimate90s

I am genuinely honored to be nominated with the said award. It’s overwhelming. Even if this may be just a small thing for some, it still warms my heart and means a lot to me. I am glad that I’m able to inspire and influence few of you which is the main reason why I started making this blog.

It was around October of last year when I finally decided to just do it because I really do want to have my own personal blog long long before where I could, like what I said, inspire and influence through writing; and share my thoughts and experiences. That was also the time when I feel like I needed some kind of an outlet where I could write my feelings and people would be able to read it and tell me their thoughts too.

I just randomly found out about this site while researching something before. I didn’t know that the WordPress community is this awesome. Everyone is like really genuine and so caring that you would want to be friends with all of them. I wasn’t expecting people would like my content. I love how some of you would take time to leave comments on my posts (that honestly motivates me A LOT to continue writing). I could still remember how excited I was when I got a notification saying that someone has (for the first time) commented on my post. That’s why I also want to take this opportunity to tell you guys how grateful I am of you. I have so much love for y’all ❀

I do hope that I would still be able to continue inspiring you and influence you to be positive all the way!

It was skveganinthecity who nominated me (thank you sweet!!!). I’ve learned that this beauty is new here and you guys should deff visit her blog. For someone who is just starting in the blogging industry, her posts are extremely good!

We have different passion and interests which make us all unique and beautiful in our own way. I’ve noticed how you bloggers have always pour your hearts out into writing. Doing this blogger recognition award, I’m tasked to choose 10 bloggers to nominate.Β There are so many of you who deserves to be nominated that’s why it’s truly difficult for me to choose but here ya goo

I am nominating remembertheprisonersblog, mandietalks, 3sistersabroad, whoisgodsite, jothishjoseph, jannistyles1, purplediariesweb, culturalatheist, boundlessblessingsblog, femonomics

To those new bloggers out there, writing is some kind of a therapy. Since I’ve started this, my heart has always been filled with love. I have received so much love from my fellow bloggers and have supported me as well. Life has been really tough for me during the past months but through this, I was able to overcome hardships. WordPress and blogging have helped me realize that I should practice what I preach.

It’s important that we mean what we write. Write from you heart. Write something that people could relate to or something that you know for yourself would catch people’s interest. Ask yourself the following: what’s the purpose of writing this certain topic? Why am I writing this? Would this benefit my readers? Would they get something from this post?

Nothing beats the feeling of being able to get your feelings out of your chest and share it to everyone. You never know how your content would help your readers.

Likewise, be interactive and connect with other people/bloggers. Follow blogs, leave comments if you could and reply. This would attract bloggers and they’ll find you really interesting as well that they would want to check your blog out of curiosity.


If you want to be involved in the Blogger Recognition Award these are some simple rules:

Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog; write a post to show your award; give a brief story of how your blog started; give two pieces of advice to new bloggers; select 10 other bloggers you want to give this award to; comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.


28 thoughts on “blogger recognition award

  1. Congrats I received two of these but then I stopped writing maybe I can start with my old I’d but this new one is catching up also u write very well


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