four different types of best friend a gal has in her life


📷 from tumblr: modelesquegirls

I have so much love for my best friends. I believe that it’s not only our families who moulded and helped us become who we are today.

We get to discover our true inner self with these people around us. Likewise, we are able to show our real personality because they make us feel extremely comfortable. They bring out the best in us!

There may be some friendships which we thought would last for a lifetime but it rather ended up in a way we never expected it to be. As the quote says, people come and go. Everyone who’s been in our life has been there for a reason, to teach us, to love us and to experience life with us.

I’ve been there too and considering someone as my best friend is a big deal for me. I don’t just call anyone my best friend. 

We don’t need to have tons of them to make us feel alive.

We just need people who aren’t toxic for us. Friends who would support, help us grow and love us unconditionally and most importantly, make us feel that we are part of their family. And to have these kind of people in our lives is more than enough.

February is considered to be the month of love, which I believe is not only meant for all the couples out there. That’s why I thought maybe I could write something about the kind of friendships we all (or some) of us have. *lowkey showing some love to my best friends*

Truth be told, our best friends mean to us in many different ways..

your soul sister– she is without a doubt your sister from another mother! Your ride or die. Your partner in crime. She gets you, you get her. You think alike and you feel like you’ve known each other since birth. You’d be lost without this person. You just want to be with her every day because life becomes more fun and better with her in it. She’s your happy pill, never a dull moment. You feel like you’re not carrying any problem with her around. You can literally tell her everything and anything. You’re not embarrassed to be yourself. You know that there would be no judgments. You’re you and you like yourself when you’re with your soul sister. Talking on the phone for hours is pretty normal and you could talk about anything random. Her parents treat you like you’re their own daughter too. They’re happy about what’s happening to your life and they’re even thoughtful that they never fail to ask how you’ve always been.

your best friend for life (bff)– she’s the person you know for sure would never leave you no matter what happens. You love being updated with each other’s lives. You’ve been through ups and downs. You’re willing to do anything just for her. You know for a fact that she deserves all the best in life and she will always be special for you. Your friendship has been tested, you’ve never thought that she will ever be a big part of your life and now you can’t imagine how it is to exist without her. Distance is nothing, but it does makes your friendship even much stronger. She never fails to be the best friend you expect her to be. There may be some kind of a misunderstanding at times but you’re still able to work it out together and you can’t afford to be mad for too long because clearly, it’s a waste of time and you’d rather talk about things and life than hold grudges. You both understand when the other is not in the mood for anything and you’re just too grateful to have her in your life.

your best friend who you can make fun of– you call each other ugly but you do know that it’s the other way around. You will always be proud of this person. She’s smart and she’s one of those people who you believe will be a fine successful lady one day. She has always been there for you. She even lets you borrow her clothes and money and there’s just no pressure. She has seen you at your worst and yet she still choose to stay by your side. She and her family treats you like you’re part of them that even their dog knows you well already. This person definitely knows how to make you feel better and she’s someone who you can always count on. You just have so so soooo much love for her.

your best friend who acts like your mother and sister both at the same time– the way she sees everything beautiful reflects how beautiful of a person she is inside and out. She inspires you to be the best person you can be. She’s very optimistic and she makes your life 1000000x better. She loves you so much. She accepts you and your flaws and she’s just very mega super supportive of you. You love her in ways you can’t explain. She’s the person you’d love to travel and discover the world with. You believe in her and you just can’t wait to witness her achieving her dream. She knows when you’re sad. She knows what would make you happy. She’s mature, knows what’s right from wrong and she never fails to remind you to always be kind. She understands and loves people way too much. She’s truly selfless and that is why you think she deserves all the best things in the world.

The most beautiful thing about this types of friendships is that even when you lost in touch for a short while, you are still able to pick up where you left off and it’s doesn’t feel awkward or weird in any least. You’d find yourself always looking forward to seeing and making memories with them and just the thought of it excites the hell out of you.


22 thoughts on “four different types of best friend a gal has in her life

  1. I really like what you have to say about friends. I think those who have these kinds of friends are blessed. Obviously from the comments, others see the distinctions. I honestly feel like the first three are all the same kind of friend and the fourth is different. Hmm. Probably says something about me. 😱Something to think on! 🤔


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