shaming people is the shittiest thing that you could do

Lately, it felt like some people really do enjoy making fun of others and embarrassing them. I often wonder if that makes them feel content and fulfilled.

I hope not.

We don’t know what’s going through one’s mind neither their life, that is why we should be more sensitive to other’s feelings and think before we speak. I hope we could all pause for a while and learn to..

stop telling someone how bad his/her acne. How she’s getting too fat or thin. It’s already hard for them. It’s so freakin difficult for them to be confident with their own skin and yet some still have the guts to notice and tell them out loud. People should make everyone feel that they are beautiful regardless of their size and what’s on their skin. There are some things that are beyond of our control. And trust me, they are already doing something about it. Just mind your own. If they approach and ask you some advice, that’s definitely the best time to talk.

stop making people feel bad about something they genuinely love. That is what’s helping them live and survive this harsh world. That’s what they are passionate about. That’s what making them feel happy. Don’t make them feel like they don’t deserve what they have right now.

stop embarrassing people about their mistakes. This is why people tend to be so afraid of making one. We get so blinded that we fail to realize that this is actually the best way for us to learn. We should be open about this. We must understand that this would help us be better with all the things that we do because just then we would know what’s right from wrong.

stop acting like a boss and belittling people. If someone made a mistake, don’t shout at them. Don’t talk to them in front of many people because that’s surely embarrassing. I hope everyone would learn to make others feel welcomed and not out of place. If only we could be more approachable and kind, life would be way less complicated.



21 thoughts on “shaming people is the shittiest thing that you could do

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      1. hmm I usually act like it’s nothing when deep down i’m starting to feel really insecure (oops) but I always tell myself that I shouldn’t take it personally most esp when I know for a fact that tdk me sooo well 😁😅

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      2. I like what Brené Brown says about this. The tendency when we are shamed is to either puff up, fight back (shame for shame) or withdraw. This is because shame activates or fight or flight mechanism. So she has an expression about standing our sacred ground. It’s about knowing who we are and not running away but also not trying to be more than we are.


  2. That was such an amazing post. You’re a very nice person with a great mindset. And Congratulations I’ve nominated you for The mystery blogger award and one lovely blog award. Go check on my blog. x 🙂


  3. Omg I have been insulted abused mocked called names at lengths for hours I heard all as the person who made me go through this was getting his goals achieved I could have shown them the mirror but for once wanted to hit rock bottom, but as all threw stones the stone thrown by my own hurt me the most I shall wait for someone else to tell them their true selves, not me I could never go so low I pray for peace God watched all I kept silent

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  4. It happened to me several times. The worst case a close relative of mine shamed me in front of a lot of people. Well I admit that I’m not physically good looking but I accepted what the God has given to me. We have our own unique beauty. What I just didnt like is that why he has to say in front of alot of people about my flaws. I just didnt mind what he said I just smiled at him to know that the things he said wont affect and degrade me. I really love all your post. Kudos! 😊👏

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    1. I’ve also experienced that before! It hurt me big time 😞 but I decided to just shrug it off. What we think of ourselves is, I believe, the most important thing. We have to love ourselves as to not get affected of people’s opinions about us 💕 btw, thank you so much for reading my posts!! Much love!


  5. From my experience, I’ve found that when in the presence of someone that due to their own insecurity, choose to attempt to make themselves feel better by being critical. Don’t judge someone’s exterior based upon your interior. Those poor souls need our love and sympathy.

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  6. Amen! We need more people in the world like you 😊 It would make the world a truly better place if we could all be kind to one another and stop degrading others


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