never settle for anything less than these

You deserve a guy who would bring you flowers on your first date.

Not only flowers, but your favourites that would make you and your tummy happy on the following days.

You surely do deserve a guy who would never fail to show how madly in love he is with you.

A guy who can’t stop thinking about you.

A guy who wouldn’t let you fall asleep at night feeling unloved.

A guy who would look and stare at you making you feel like you’re the only thing that matters.

A guy who would kiss you like there’s no tomorrow.

A guy who effortlessly and constantly giving you butterflies with his hugs and kisses on your cheeks.

A guy who would never get tired of trying to know your true self.

A guy who would always make sure that you’re doing and feeling okay.

A guy who would go beyond his limits and gets ridiculously excited to see you.

A guy who knows how to text back instantly.

A guy who’s sweet, clingy, just right possessive and protective.

A guy who still has respect for you, and does accept your flaws.

A guy who likes making fun of you but would still end up telling you how much he loves you.

A guy who would always try to work things out in every argument you’d have.

A guy who would love to do nothing but spoil and cuddle you on your red days.

A guy who would always be down to do what you want.

This is just a few but this is the kind of guy you would love to spend and build a future with. The one you know that’s worth it. The kind of guy you would love to go for an adventure with and know more about. The one you would totally be okay to have argument with because you both know that right after that disagreement, what would weigh more is the love existing between the two of you.

This is the kind of guy worth thinking about. The one who deserves to be loved as much as he does to you. You’d be more than willing to take care of him because his cuteness would always be killing you. With the way he stares at you, you would just want to give him your whole heart and let him take care of it as well.

This is the kind of guy you would proudly want to show off but on second thought (at the same time), you would also want to just keep it low key to protect the relationship that you have. For you know that this one is something real, something that isn’t temporary and you wouldn’t want people around you to mess it up for the both of you.

This is the kind of guy you would be grateful to have. You don’t have to look for someone right away just to be like those cute cool couples out there. There’s no need to rush and settle for someone just so you wouldn’t feel alone. Never choose someone who, you know, would be too toxic for you. Be with someone who truly knows what you both deserve.



18 thoughts on “never settle for anything less than these

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Perfect. It certainly takes trial and error to find a man who will bring out the best in us. But when we find actually find him…we notice all of the “right” traits–different from the traits we were settling less for in the past.

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