to my favourite human

To my favourite human,

The very first time I saw you, I already thought you were cute. I don’t why I never had the courage to tell you that fact until now.

The way you smile genuinely is one of my favourite things about you. Your personality is one of the most attractive part of you— and probably few of the reasons why I’m a little afraid that girls would try to flirt and get you from me.

Never in a million years have I expected that things would turn out this way. I honestly never thought you’d be able to make me fall in love with you, this hard.

No matter how corny your jokes are and no matter how cheesy you can get, I’d always find you the cutest.

I could clearly remember that day when you went out of your way just to make sure you’d be able to spend time with my family, how you were too concerned about me because of the hot weather, how you insisted to stop in the middle just to tie my shoe lace, how intense our kisses were at the back of the car. And I knew right then that I’m truly starting to fall in love with you.

But what made me love you even more is no matter how tired, sleepy and drained you are, you’d still do anything to see me. To see me smile and make me happy.

I love the way you hold my hands. Your hugs. Your kisses.

You make my body feel things.

You definitely have the humour that I love. You could easily make me laugh merely by your cuteness.

And I will always be obsessed with you and your smell.

I appreciate everything that you do for me. For all the efforts. And yes, thank you for spoiling me.

I actually never thought that someone would still think that I’m beautiful without any make up on. I never thought that someone would still embrace the flaws that I hardly even love.

Thank you for being open, for always being you and for letting me be me. Thank you for loving and accepting me as I am. Thank you for taking care of me and my heart.

I don’t care how damaged you are right now because of your painful past, I’d still choose to love you unconditionally. And I do know that this just made you a loving person even more. This has made you to be that kind of person who is full of sincerity and kindness.

I will never try to change who you are. But I’d always try to tell and remind you what we both know is right.

I don’t care if there would be days that you’d feel insecure. I don’t care if you’d be an overthinker most of the time, I’d still love you with my whole heart for I’d know right then that you just love me as much as I love you.

I don’t care if there would be days that you would be clingy af, possessive or jealous. Because that’s honestly one of many things that I love about you.

But also know that there will be days that I will be really insensitive. Days that I will be moody. Days that may seem like I want to start an argument. Please be patient with me, be more understanding. It doesn’t mean that the love I have for you is starting to fade.

There will always be days that would be hard for me to express what I feel. It doesn’t mean that I am not listening— I am thinking. No matter how many times you’d tell me to just say whatever it is that is on my mind, it will never be easy for me to do so. Just give me a little time to think and process what is happening.

I am so freakin in love with you that I now can’t imagine my life without you in it.

You’re the person I’d love to annoy for the rest of our lives.

I don’t care if I’ve always been overusing the I love you’s, just know that I say this genuinely and not because I just feel like saying it.

Yes, there will be more and more and more fights and quarrels but know that I will never give up on you. What would weigh more is definitely the love that I have for you.

I am looking forward to what the future holds. I want to make more fun, happy, memorable adventures with you.

I love you, you sweet charming good-looking guy. You mean so much to me and I just feel blessed and lucky that I have you right now.



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