22 things a 22-year-old would like to hear

  1. Treasure your high school and college friends. Once you enter the real world, and got your first job, you’d realize how different they are with those people surrounding you now. Some can really be toxic and you would just wish you can turn back time and be with your friends again who make you genuinely happy and never fail to make you feel loved.
  2. You’d witness people starting to reach their dreams at their young age, but that doesn’t mean you’re a failure for you still haven’t reached yours. Please, don’t. We all have our own timeline. You may not be in the position or in the place you long for right now but you will be, in time.
  3. Always do you. At the end of the day, people would always find something negative to say about you. What matters is you enjoy what you’re doing, and you’re doing things with love and passion.
  4. You will always commit mistakes, no matter how careful you are.
  5. Jealousy, possessiveness, clinginess and overthinking may not be that bad at all. It just shows how much you love a person.
  6. You may not be fond of animals but know that they have their own ways to make you realize that they are indeed lovable.
  7. Adjustments could really be a challenge most particularly for people who are in a relationship, but this would help you grow stronger.
  8. Even though it seems that everyone is starting to be toxic for you, there will always be that one person who would make you feel that you are not alone.
  9. Sometimes you just gotta spend and enjoy what’s in front of you. Think about saving money later.
  10. Love and appreciate those people who could easily make you laugh.
  11. Making mistakes don’t mean that you’re stupid nor dumb. Never limit yourself from making one because this is how you learn best.
  12. You deserve someone who would not make you feel shitty. Someone who would make you feel and prove that you’re the only girl that matters.
  13. You may be a people-person, you may love connecting and interacting with people, most people may show how they love your company but know that there will still be few who would be a bitch to you. And that’s fine. You’re never meant to please people.
  14. Beautiful things happen when you least expect it.
  15. At some point in your life you would feel like you’re lost. You’d doubt your decisions. But that’s totally okay and normal. Take some time to think and bring back the energy and motivation that you had since day one.
  16. You don’t have to make people feel what they did to you because of an honest mistake. Instead, help them learn. Help them realize things. Show them what’s right.
  17. It’s not entirely your responsibility to change someone. You just need to help them see what they truly deserve.
  18. Do try to solve the problem that you have with your significant other. Try not to go to sleep when you’re angry. Stay up and make up.
  19. Learn to say no. Most importantly when it is something that’s starting to make you feel uncomfortable.
  20. Eventually, you’d find someone who would love you. A person who would love to kiss you, your flaws and insecurities.
  21. True friends would understand why you are not able to answer their calls and messages every day. Your true friends know that you still have their back despite of your busy schedule and you trying to be an adult.
  22. Never compare what you can offer to what others could. You’re unique. You’re one of a kind. You have what others don’t and vice versa.

5 thoughts on “22 things a 22-year-old would like to hear

  1. Good, affirming advice on being yourself. And I know from experience that “beautiful things happen when you least expect it.” Trust the timing! 🙂 Thanks for the follow!


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