blogger recognition award

it was truly difficult to choose ten bloggers to nominate for I know that y’all have always pour your hearts out into writing and you deserve to be nominated. Do know that you guys are awesome and I have so much love for you!!! xo Continue reading blogger recognition award


how it is to be an ambivert

if you love talking about personalities, and trying to understand people as much as I do- this post may interest you. This is a very long post about me talking from an ambivert point of view. I may think like an introvert but I definitely act like an extrovert in some way. Continue reading how it is to be an ambivert

an open letter to the person I miss and love the most

my dad passed away when I was 17. It was something I certainly did not expect. I thought that everything’s going to be back to normal soon when he was taken out of the ICU. He was even telling us that we’ll have lunch/dinner to his favourite restaurant once he gets discharged; same reason why I got so hopeful because it seems to me that he’s really getting well. I have never been so wrong. One morning came, my mom called. I was the one who got to answer the phone. Next thing I know, I’m struggling on how I should tell my siblings about it. Continue reading an open letter to the person I miss and love the most